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A museum with atmosphere

The South Tyrolean Wine Museum lies in the oldest winegrowing area of the German-speaking lands. Opened in 1955 in Ringberg Castle, above Lake Kaltern, it is the oldest winegrowing museum in Italy.
The museum is today located in the centre of the wine village of Kaltern, just 15 kilometres from Bozen, in the former Di Pauli winery. An interesting groined vault in the pressing rooms dates from the year 1693, while stone pointed-arch doors and a deep cellar give it a special atmosphere.
The exhibition displays exhibits of a centuries-old cultural history.


AROMATITES: Spiced wines according to recipes from Roman antiquity

Horace, Ovid, Virgil, Cato etc. – There are many written reports from Roman antiquity about the consumption of wine and winegrowing. But how did the wine taste which people in Roman Empire used to drink?

On the International Museum Day visitors can try the Roman spiced wine and immerse themselves in the past world of 2000 years ago!

22nd May: from 10 am to 4 pm

Free admission


Tasting wines from old grape varieties and guided tour

In the Wine Museum there grow some grape varieties which were once very common in whole South Tyrol, but nowadays only a few winegrowers still  use old grape varieties like the “Blatterle”, the “Fraueler” or the “Versoaln”.  As rare as the grapes are the wines produced from these grapes. The Wine Museum offers a wine tasting of these rarities combined with a guided tour. 

14th May

from 7 to 9 pm

Reservation is recommended | Cost: 12 € per person






South Tyrol has a rich heritage of wine making. The museum presents the winegrowers' daily work in the vineyard, wine production and storage, the farmers' working tools and implements, glass and ceramic, and the relation between wine and religion.