Have a pleasant visit at the museum!

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum (including the vineyard).

Photography and filming
Photography and filming for private purposes is permitted throughout the entire museum area.
Photography and filming for commercial purposes requires the prior permission of the museum management.

We regret that dogs must remain outside.

The museum is located in the pedestrian area in the centre of Kaltern. It has no parking of its own. Car and bus parking areas can be seen here.



Protective measures

Limited number of visitors: For safety reasons, only 30 people are allowed in the museum at any one time. We therefore ask for your patience if you have to wait at the entrance. It is possible to book your visit by e-mail or by phone +39 0471 963 168, the payment is made at the ticket office.

Your temperature is checked at the entrance to the museum. Please understand that people with COVID19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing) will be denied access to the museum.

Some interactive stations (audio points, touchscreens, films and children games) cannot be used at the moment.

The followings rooms will remain temporarily closed:

  • Film room
  • Painting corner for kids

Rules for visiting the museum safely:

  1. Wearing mouth-nose protection correctly is mandatory if the social distance is less than one meter. To protect yourself and others, it is still strongly recommended to continue wearing mouth-nose protection throughout the whole museum area.
  2. Wash your hands at least for 20 seconds, especially after using the toilet, and disinfect your hands thoroughly during your visit. You will find several stations for hand hygiene at our premises.
  3. One-way regulation and predefined direction in some buildings: Follow the floor markings and pay attention to the signs.
  4. Enter the areas marked with floor markings only when they are free.
  5. Keep the required minimum distance of one metre to other people (not living in the same household).
  6. Avoid to touch your face with your hands, especially not your mouth, nose and eyes.
  7. As far as possible, avoid to contact surfaces which were touched by other people.